Sri Lanka Badu Numbers | 144l

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Sri Lanka Badu Numbers | 144l


+947147465798-Rahan &Sri Lanka Badu Numbers 264l

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Category:Telecommunications in ThailandEffect of substituents on the electronic structure of 2-benzoylamino-1-phenyl-1H-benzo[de]isoquinoline-1,3(2H)-dione and its derivatives by density functional theory calculations.
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Badu Number, Kegalle, Sri Lanka
. Sri Lanka Badu Numbers. Dec 10, 2019
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Category:Sri Lankan society
Category:Telephone numbers in Sri Lankahi everyone! i’ve got a problem, i bought a game(PS1) today from a second hand shop(which was not a carboot sale) and the disc is scratched. i searched on the internet and i found out it might be scratched for a month or two and the disc is already at 50%? does that mean it can be played? and if yes, how can i play it?

hello, i’ve just bought a game the same way you did. but mine is the original, never been opened. it says PS1 game, don’t know if this is important. i never opened it. last day today, i found it on the floor under the table. i didn’t tell the shop i was going to buy, because i planned to play my games on my ps2 games, and i never got a chance to finish a game. i was just disappointed about it, because it was a real 1/2 price, so i knew i might not find another game there. but it was a good sign, some one was there before me, my game was cheap so it wasn’t a huge loss if they didn’t sell it. i just wish it wasn’t scratched, but maybe i can play it?

If it was original and not opened, then yes you can play it.

If it wasn’t original, then yes, it could be scratched and the game won’t play. It’s a shame it was scratched – it should be played.

But if its original, never been opened and was just on the floor, they might not have looked after it properly. Maybe the shop will notice it was there in the future and refund your money.

If it was a real half price, then there is no reason why you can’t play it if its original and not opened.

As for PS2 games, I just bought a whole pack of PS1 games for half price and am going to give them a go.

I’d buy a brand new cheap copy and play it at home, as the shop might be more careful and remember that they shouldn’t sell you an open, scratched copy.



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